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Plead Not Guilty To a Parking Ticket In New Jersey – GUIDE

Plead Not Guilty NJMCDirect – In case you are given a parking ticket in new jersey, the first thing you need to take into account is to dispute it. There’s a big possibility that you do not need to pay for your ticket which is incorrect citation, if it is.

Read this guide where you will get clear instructions on just how to proceed with new jersey parking dispute immediately. It is clearly seen that a lot of people in new jersey were successfully able to solve this issue by following the tips shared on this page.

njmcdirect plead not guilty

Even if you’re going by on New Jersey roads, you’ll still need to settle your parking ticket violations because that’s the rule for everyone. Thankfully, by pleading not guilty, you will be able to at least see some percentage of fine deductions.

Let’s check out multiple ways in which you can dispute your ticket and show nj courts that you are not guilty for the violation that you have got.

NJMCDIRECT Plead Not Guilty – Complete Information

In case you decide to pay the violation rather, you will not have to return to New Jersey courts because you can pay it online which is safe, convenient and time saving. The NJMCDirect Ticket payment portal allows you to pay for the parking tickets with help of secured payment gateways.

As a licensed motorist or vehicle owner in US, you are expected to follow the local traffic rules as well as vehicle parking guidelines in all the locations and areas that you drive your vehicle in NJ. New Jersey will not accept a reason, like declaring that you are not familiar with the guidelines in the city due to the fact that you stay in a different state.

If you are 100% confident about your issue, you can plead not guilty to a parking ticket in New Jersey.

Can I Plead Not Guilty For A Rental Vehicle?

You are accountable for your rental vehicle, including any type of parking tickets you could have received. There are additionally repercussions if you do not pay vehicle parking violations at the same time, and also vehicle rental companies can bill the cost of your traffic ticket on your credit card to reduce that stress for you.

If you are doing that thing with the car rental companies, you’re basically waiving your right to plead not guilty for your tickets.

New Jersey gains a lot of cash from parking ticket violations every year. It includes but not limited to how much individuals pay for their penalty, additional charges, and also court penalties.

How To Plead Not Guilty For A Traffic Ticket in New Jersey?

You literally have multiple options when it comes to pay or plead a ticket in new jersey. Let’s find out various methods and steps involved in each of them.

1. Plead Guilty & Pay The Traffic or Parking Ticket Online

Plead guilty and pay the traffic violation tickets if you think you made a mistake and you deserve the ticket. You can actually plead guilty in multiple ways such as Online Payment, By Mail and Over Phone.

Kindly understand that you should abide to pay the full fine if you plead guilty to a parking ticket. Partial payments are not accepted because you haven’t plead not guilty at njmcdirect.

Pay NJ Traffic Ticket

  1. You cannot plead guilty online if you driving license undergone suspension or revocation. You must appear in court and submit a declaration about the issue and follow the court rules.
  2. If you plead guilty, you may not be able to reverse your decision regarding the plea.
  3. Please understand that there might be extra charges or penalties that are associated with traffic ticket which you will certainly require to pay in some situations.
  4. They include but not limited to a driver responsibility assessment (DRA). You need to handle that on your own and you may not be able to get any help regarding this.

2. Plead Not Guilty & Schedule A Hearing

  1. You may schedule a hearing over phone or by mail. But pleading not guilty online in nj is the simplest job that you can do on your own.
  2. You need to visit the place (court or place where a legal decisions are made by courts).
  3. Judge will listen to your explanation regarding the parking ticker or traffic ticket that you have got.
  4. You will be notified about the decision on your mailing address.
  5. Sometimes, you will also get email updates to the registered email id about the final decision.

Consequences Of Failing To Appear For Pleading Not Guilty

You have the freedom to plead not guilty but you should attend it. Otherwise, you must go through a lot of serious issues with regards to the constitution.

  • Pay additional charges and fines or fees.
  • Driving license will be suspended without intimation.
  • You will be convicted by default which cannot be reversed back.

So, whenever you decide to plead not guilty in new jersey, you should attend it without a miss. Otherwise, it is better to accept the ticket and pay it online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Re-Schedule a Plead Not Guilty Hearing In New Jersey?

You have the possibility to re-schedule the hearing date only once. If you want to do it all the time, you cannot be able to do it. Visit the www.njmcdirect.com and navigate to transaction page and re-schedule your hearing.

2. What happens if I don’t attend court hearing for pleading not guilty?

Simple! your driving license will be suspended and you may not be able to renew your DL. On the other hand, you may require to pay additional fines at the time of re-activating your driving license in new jersey.

Wrapping Up

Plead not guilty njmcdirect will help you stay away from huge fines. There a handful of chances for getting some deductions on your total fine amount. So, always try to plead not guilty if you are confident about your issue and ticket. But don’t forget to act (either pay or plead) before the due date to avoid additional fines.

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