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NJMCDIRECT – Each time you go against traffic rules or parking guidelines even accidentally, as a result, nj traffic police will generate a fine for you. They will give you a traffic ticket for the violation of the traffic rules. You will need to pay that traffic fine within the given period of time.

Typically, to pay the traffic fines in NJ, people go to municipal courts. We know that this offline traffic payment is very stressful. But do not panic, we are going to help you with that in this article.


Now in this internet generation, traffic ticket payment eventually becomes such an effortless procedure. NJMCDirect (New Jersey Meadowlands Commission) has actually developed an online portal called NJMCDirect.com, where people like you can pay the traffic tickets and parking fines online using your smartphone or laptop/pc.

You only need a device with active internet connectivity. If you pay penalties offline, you have to go to court as well as stand in such a long queue for hours to pay Njmc traffic tickets. However, If you use NJMCdirect official website, you can save a lot of time and it is completely safe and easy as well.

What Exactly Is NJMCDirect Portal?

NJMCDirect is nothing but an online traffic ticket payment portal for New Jersey’s vehicle owners. NJMCDirect official website assists you in paying your pending traffic fines online conveniently at www.njmcdirect.com.

The New Jersey state governing administration owns and manages NJMCDIRECT portal. So, you do not need to get into a dilemma about paying for your vehicle parking tickets or traffic violation tickets. You may use your personal computer or smartphone to pay the tickets and avoid visiting courts, which saves a lot of valuable time therefore.

Pay Traffic Ticket Online

The legislation in New Jersey mentions that, traffic violation ticket fines by drivers or vehicle owners should be paid on-time to NJ Municipal courts. That indicates, you have to visit the court and should spend time in a big queue line, and also spoil too much of your priceless time.

Extra so, the hand-operated means requires your physical presence prior to an NJ local court. If it as your fault, you would certainly need to settle it anyhow without trying to escape. In such a case, you may visit www.njmcdirect.com and follow the steps shared on this page to make payments on-time.

Requirements To Pay Traffic Tickets at NJMCDirect Portal

1. New Jersey Traffic Violation Ticket

Whenever you have actually violated either traffic rules or parking guidelines in New Jersey, you will receive a traffic ticket for the same. Be it a car parking violation ticket or a traffic violation ticket, you require this since it stands as evidence.

njmcdirect traffic ticket

It must be lawful! The ticket that the policeman gives you has important details such as Court ID as well as a traffic Ticket Number on it, and also the kind of violation that you are eligible for. Without nj traffic ticket, your payment process will not be carried out either online or offline.

2. Your Vehicle License Plate Number

We all know the importance of a license plate number. The license plate number acts as a major reference to your vehicles validation as well as registration. It is easily available on the front side of your vehicle (car, lorry, traveler vehicle, etc.) and on the driving license.

njmc license plate number of vehicle

Without a valid license plate number with you, your payment process will be incomplete and of course, it is not even possible to start the traffic ticket payment.

3. Internet Connection

Since the entire process is online, you must have an active internet connection in order to perform the aforesaid tasks.

internet connection

It is highly impossible to pay the traffic fines online with no internet connectivity. In such as case, you should visit the municipal courts which is again a headache.

4. Smartphone or PC

Having said that, you should be ready with a personal computer or a smartphone. In order to perform the online tasks, a gadget like laptop or mobile phone is a must.

www njmcdirect com website on pc and phone

You will have to make use of your pc or phone to log into the NJMCDirect payment portal and pay your pending tickets online.

5. Online Banking Or A Credit Card

To make payments online, you should either have access to your online banking account. Otherwise, you can pay your traffic fines with your credit card.

So, make sure to have either one of those before you actually start making payments to pending traffic tickets.

How To Pay Traffic Tickets at NJMCDirect.Com?

NJMCDirect.com is the most secure and one of the most hassle-free online web portals to clear off your traffic offenses. Visit the official website at url – www.njmcdirect.com. The portal gives you a valid prefix code that can be used to pay the ticket for your traffic penalties. This is a easy and also very convenient method to pay penalties.

  • Visit NJMCdirect official website on your device with a web address njmcdirect.com to access web portal. You will be landed on a brand-new NJMCDIRECT website (https://portalnjmcdirect-cloud.njcourts.gov/).
  • On the website, you will certainly see 2 options (Traffic Ticket and also Municipal Complaint).
    Since you are about to pay your road traffic violation ticket, click the option that says “Traffic Ticket”.
  • You will be taken to a brand-new web page. There, you will certainly be asked to provide the court ID or Number, the prefix number, your vehicle’s registration number, etc.

How to Find NJ Traffic Ticket Number Online?

For those that have either lost or missed their nj ticket, don’t worry. NJMCdirect allows you to check and also find out your traffic ticket number. Here are steps you require to keep an eye on, to perform this process.

  • Launch the nj ticket payment portal at www.njmcdirect.com.
  • There, you will certainly be able to see an option for the traffic ticket search such as “NJMCDirect” at the right corner of the screen. On that page, you will certainly also see 2 options; traffic ticket and also time payment order.
  • Go to NJ Municipal Court Case Search option to either find our your nj ticket number or to see the municipal court complaint number or car owner’s driver license number, or name, etc.
  • On the web page click Search option and then, hit I Accept to move ahead.
  • Pick the traffic ticket payment option since you are about to find your nj traffic ticket. And fill up the needed information like court id or name, prefix id, traffic ticket payment, driver license number.

Note: All those details are actually available on the traffic ticket hard copy. Of course, you are here because you don’t have the copy of your ticket.

NJMCdirect Can’t Find Ticket Details – What To Do?

Are you having problem finding your nj traffic ticket details and info? Don’t worry, there is a wonderful way to get your ticket details. To find out about your ticket number, Look for your car parking ticket on the web portal of njmc even by following the above instructions, you must contact the concern authorities.

If you still cannot find your NJ Ticket information after that get in touch with the Municipal Courts customer support, provide them your driving license number for easy lookup of the ticket details.

NJ Municipal Court Contact Information  – Details

Since you are unable to find out the nj traffic ticket details, the only option that is there is contacting the officials. Just make a call to the below shared phone number to get support.

  • 609-292-8580
  • 973-284-4945

We have shared two toll free phone numbers. You may pick any of them and call them to get help regarding your lost nj traffic ticket.

www.njmcdirect.com Working Hours

Even though it is the most convenient way to make payments to your traffic tickets in nj, you should do it only in the working hours. You may not be able to make payments all the time because they won’t all you do so. Let’s check out the working hours of the njmc direct payment portal.

  • Monday to Thursday – 4:30 am to 11:15 pm
  • Friday – 4:30 am to 10:15 pm
  • Saturday – 4:30 am to 3:15 pm
  • Sunday – 1:00 pm to 11:15 pm

The above timings are in accordance with (EST). Public holidays are holidays and you cannot make payments on those dates.

What Is NJSurcharge? How To Pay It Online?

You will get surcharged when you gain too many traffic violation ‘points’ in NJSVS (New Jersey Surcharge Violation System). The surcharges means here are fines and penalties that you needed to pay, beyond the normal penalties, for traffic violations and also offenses like driving with influence. To say it in short, you can actually pay New Jersey surcharge online.

There is a website where you can access your New Jersey surcharge history, and also proceed to make any type of pending surcharge payments online.

This possibility. It is definitely the easiest method to pay the surcharges online in new jersey, by using a credit or debit card or virtual card. It is also easier, you can pay the surcharges using your western union money order or American Express credit card (Amex Card).

Plead Not Guilty to Traffic Violation In NJ

In case you are truly innocent of the unlawful act, pleading not guilty is your only solution to get justice as well as prevent fines and surcharges.

Meanwhile, pleading guilty in courts will help you cut down the fines. If the prosecutor assumes you’re simply going to plead guilty with no proper reason or proof, they may not provide you a lot of anything.

If you wish to plead Not Guilty on your ticket and also request a court date for pleading not guilty, you may email the court at Disputeticket@jcnj.org.

Please include your name, contact details, prefix id and traffic ticket number, and also your existing mailing address and your e-mail will be responded to immediately.

Plead Not Guilty in NJ

If you have decided to plead not guilty early, you are going to get some advantages of cut downs in your fines.

Sometimes, you may not see any betterment in the fines even if you plead in the courts because when you committed the violation. So it all depends upon how you are going to plead your case in the court.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. How Long Do I Have To Wait For My Ticket To Show on Njmcdirect Website?

You should wait at least 4 days for your ticket to get updated to the database. Prior to that, you cannot view your traffic ticket online and you may not be able to pay the fines since your ticket is not updated.

2. How To Mail A Payment To Njmcdirect?

mailbox@njcourts.gov is the njmcdirect official mail support. You can email them with all required details such as your ticket number, driving license number and the type of offense. Ask them about mailing the payments and follow the instructions.

3. What If You Can Not Find Your NJ Ticket on NJMCDirect Website?

You need to wait for 4 days because it takes a minimum of 4 days to get the updated details. If you cannot find your ticket even after 4 days, you should visit the court or you need to use nj traffic ticket lookup tool to find your ticket with driver license plate number.

4. What Happens If I Don’t Pay On Time?

You will be eligible for additional fines and thereby surcharges if you accumulate 6+ points on your driver license. Thus resulting in suspension of your driving license and you may face the legal trouble in new jersey eventually.

5. How To Use Amex on NJMCDirect?

Go to the official website with a url – www.njmcdirect.com and select traffic ticket option. Enter required details such as court id, prefix id, ticket number and then, select the payment method. Here, you need to choose credit card option and enter your amex card number to make payment.

6. Why Hasn’t My Ticket Showed Up On NJMCDirect?

It is because that you have either paid the fine already or your ticket was cancelled after a review. Kindly wait for 4 days from the time of your ticket generation to check what exactly happened in your case. Moreover, you may not be able to view your ticket after 90 days of the payment.

Wrapping Up

NJMCDirect Website is the official traffic ticket’s payment collection portal for New Jersey. If you are living in NJ and committed a violation and has the ticket number with you, you can log into the portal. You may view your ticket, pay nj traffic ticket, surcharges and more. Comment below this page to get help if you have any doubts regarding your New Jersey Traffic Ticket Payment.

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